First Ever Meeting of the Agents

A first ever meeting of the agents was held in Riverton, WY this Monday.  Agents met to discuss regular business and the future of the Agency this Monday on January 31st, 2022. 

Agents Jason Nobles (Left, President), Damien Cortez (Center, Vice President), and Martin Armajo (Right, Lead Agent), along with Alyssa McCluskey (Treasurer, not pictured) met in Riverton to discuss business as usual.  The Agents call it their "First Ever Meeting of the Agents", and discussed regular matters of business as well as those matters that pertain to the development of the bail bonds industry in Wyoming and abroad, and further they discussed the development of the Agencys' pre-trial, investigation, and media division. 

"We have to think about the next 30 years and where the business, the industry, and our lives are going", said Agent Jason Nobles, who is the President of Nobs Inc. a well established risk management agency with a focus on the judicial system.  Nobs Inc. provides bail bonds surety, pre-trial risk monitoring, special investigations, and more recently Nobs intends on starting a media branch.

"This meeting  marks the start of a special partnership between Nobs Inc. and Martin Armajo", said Nobles, "This is partnership is the first of many for us as we continue to grow and develop these relationships and partnerships.  Essentially, Martin represents a model of development that we want to be able to provide to other producers".

The meeting was followed by a badge ceremony where the Agents and the shareholders were presented with their badges in a ceremonial fashion. 

Martin Armajo was also named director of 8-Fold SIU by Nobles as the President.  8-Fold is a special investigations unit who will begin offering services sometime this year. Armajo brings 17 years of law enforcement experience to the table. 

President, Jason Nobles, holding shareholder badges to be presented at the meeting.