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Part-Time Sales Position Open in Wyoming


Part-time Sales Position

Nobs Inc. currently has a career opening for the position of sales in Wyoming. The position is part-time, salary based, with commission and compensation for mileage. Applicants are encouraged to apply online and submit a resume.  


Qualified applicants must:

  • Have Diploma or Grade School Equivalency 
  • Be a licensed surety producer
  • Possess knowledge in database management
  • Have prior business management experience
  • Be computer proficient
  • Be able to work from home or in the field
  • Possess knowledge and experience in sales 

If you would like to learn more submit an application!

Job Requirements

A person who is accepted into the position of sales will be required to report directly to the President or Vice President, and will be responsible for generating sales and contracts for the company, and handling processes and procedures for sales within the Company.  The person who obtains the position of sales in Wyoming will:

  • Be part-time 10-20 hours a week
  • Report to the President or Vice President
  • Handle and Integrate Company Process and Procedures
  • Be paid a base salary of $4,800 to $8,400 per year
  • Receive a commission of 3-4% for producing contracts of surety
  • Receive a commission of 1% for other surety contracts
  • Receive other contract based commissions
  • Be eligible for employee share program after 1 year

If you are interested in this career path apply online.