Board Adopts Formation of Special Investigations Unit

November 23rd, 2021

The Board voted unanimously on Tuesday to adopt the formation of a special investigations unit in Wyoming, providing services to government, agencies, attorneys, and individuals.

Chairman, Jason Nobles, sent the resolution to the Board Tuesday morning, and by noon all members had voted yes to the resolution. Along with the formation, the Board adopted the trade name 8Fold SIU to be used in conjunction with their new service.   Nobles says that they're excited to announce this newest addition of the Nobs family, and can't wait to start providing investigation services in Wyoming.  Nobles says they are looking for a director, "someone to run the show", but didn't say who that would be.  According Nobles though, they will begin providing services sometime in 2022, and their services will include private investigation, background checks, and even commercial drone piloting for search and rescue and other missions.  Nobles said that they already have a web domain picked out,, and that it would be up and running sometime soon.